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Simple script to monitoring hosts trought icmp protocol
Running under Linux, SUN/Solaris and Freebsd

2005-02-12:::06:54:54:::miscellaneous:::screenshots updated:::
screenshots files is updated now.

0.24.1 is now available! This release get first multilanguage implementation. pt_BR (Brazilian Portuguese) and en (English) are available. HTML is now under W3C compliance.

Added the demo link. You can see results of monesa work.

2004-09-16:::09:07:32:::addons:::monesa-menu 0.1:::
Monesa-menu is simple add script make possible a non privilegied user to manipule hosts on monesa. Writed to user connect via telnet, ssh or same in linux terminal. See 'addons' link..

The 0.23.3 is a last release of monesa in pt_BR language only. Now, next releases are in english language. It make possible monesa to running under other languages and also documentation translate to this languages.

2004-09-11:::07:18:46:::release:::0.23.3 for Linux:::
The 0.23.3 release of monesa is now available for Linux. You can get in 'download' link!

2004-09-11:::07:10:43:::miscellaneous:::News test:::
This a test :-).

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