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The idea is create a simple tool for monitoring hosts, using only scripts, so that the same it can easily be ported for any * nix.

Monesa project
You can participate of the Monesa project, through the group of development. The address of the group is http://www.grupos.com.br/grupos/monesa/. Through scripts you add, monesa is being each more mature time. Contributions as translation will be very well comings to the project also.

Linux: Elias Andrade (esan_br at yahoo.com.br)
SUN/Solaris: Claudio Rafael da Silva (rafael.mcp at gmail.com)
Freebsd: Fred Dallalana (fdallalana at fatectq.com.br)

This site is create on the Linux, using the tools:
Quanta Plus (http://quanta.sf.net)
Gimp (http://gimp.net)
and various shell scripts 'Made in Brazil' :-).

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